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Borers are plagues in homes which damage the wood. Vintage furniture such as bearers, junctions, flooring, roofing boards and essential woods are damaged in these areas. Escape holes, borer dirt and grass in your house or company is a regular sight, a solid proof of borers infesting your wood. The pine woodwork and furniture were devastated by Borers.

It perfectly explains why Borer Control Melbourne is so important. Organic Pest Control Melbourne is a prominent specialist in Borer Control Melbourne and provides comprehensive borer removal services.

The tiny larvae referred to as borers emerging within the woodwork and eating their way out, resulting in the deterioration and eventual collapse of furnishing.

Organic Pest Control Melbourne constantly uses the best strategies to keep  Borer from your house and workplace. The destruction to your pricey furnishings is noticeable.

Organic Pest Control Melbourne‘s Methods to Treatment For Borer Control Melbourne

Keep a few elements in consciousness before executing any pest control tactics. When the harm is not much, and there is no substantial harm from the borer assault, you do not have to take any cares. In addition, if the infestation is severe, consider the following procedures:

The Use of Repellents

To control borer bugs in structures, disinfectant solutions and insecticides are used. For this, combine timber and water. Borer treatment is another option. It is a liquid that has stronger wood absorption and may remain in place for years, preventing borer bugs from infiltrating.

Surface Treatments

When the outbreak is restricted to some wooden boards, use this surface treatment. The treatment prevents any wood borer from entering the furniture.


It is expensive. Only a professional Borer Control Melbourne professional, such as Organic Pest Control Melbourne, should attempt it. The penetration of disinfectant spray kills the insects and rids your furniture of pests.

Maximum temperature

It is the best approach for smaller pieces of furniture. Seal your belongings in plastic and cool them for about two weeks. After then, take it out and cover it until it arrives at room temperature. The procedure keeps watermarks from condensing on the wood.

Taking Care of the Spot

It is one of the best in-house Borer Control Melbourne solutions. Everything you need to do is keep an eye on the wood’s moisture by providing appropriate ventilation. Furthermore, the use of exterior coverings such as paints, polyurethane, and water sealants keeps moisture away from the wood and prevents wood borers from penetrating it.

Borer Outbreak Evaluation

The methods listed below are the most effective for identifying a borer pest in your house.


Outside of the boreholes, rotted wood holes are accumulations of wood dust.

Tunnels presence

Tunnels are tiny passageways that, when properly investigated, might reveal the presence of a wood borer infestation.

Existence of holes in the flight

They are produced by insects that make their way out.

Inadequate floor tiles

A vital condition arises whenever a foot or a chair leg crossing the floor is substantially harmed.

Ticking tone

Immature borers make a notable piercing scream or buzzing sound when feeding while digging in the woods. The noise can be heard in the dead of night.

Fungus existence

The worm-like organism causes this. When furniture absorbs due to borer larvae, it contains some wooden deteriorating mould, which is a direct indication of timber borers in the furniture.

Dead beetles existence

Throughout its life cycle, deceased borers can be spotted around infected timber and window frames:



They are easily recognizable since they are white and spherical.

The presence of developed termites on the sides of windows and around them. Adult worms pull toward the sunlight and emerge in frameworks. They can be seen in swarms surrounding window ledges.

The timber is deteriorating.

If the ends of roof joints and flooring have collapsed wood in and around them, your home is likely infested with wood borers.

Holes under the carpet

Borers must be responsible for the holes in the carpet paper floor backing.

Dampness in a space

Due to woods borers only grow in damp circumstances, there is a chance of an outbreak if there is dampness in the space or the timber itself.

How may a borer impact your health and financial system?

  1. Borers are commonly referred to as wood borers. They live in the woods. Borers have a variety of effects on people and their livelihoods, including the following:
  2. These are frequently the cause of forest fires.
  3. In new homes, they are common with solid wood materials like panelling, flooring, window and door frames, plywood, and the like.
  4. Furthermore, some of the species infest trees, their lower limbs, and vascular bundles, as well as wreaking havoc on urban and rural locations.
  5. Additionally, the wooden fittings and furnishings are harmed.
  6. In reality, they infect the wood flooring and sapwood that they attack. They were delivering wood for the hens to deposit their eggs on.
  7. Many borer varieties favour bamboo and wood with a strong starch flavour, such as walnut mahogany,wood, ash, and so on.
  8. They may cause structural timber to deteriorate.
  9. Such attack logs and carries a fungus that harms the wood, ultimately ruining them during transport and storage.
  10. Also, certain borer species act as secondary hosts, feeding on decomposing wood.
  11. One of his species has infiltrated forestry and agriculture.

Borer Control Melbourne FAQ

How long should you stay away from the house once the exterminator has finished?

Once the job is over, pest control services recommend that you stay away from the house for a set amount of time. Once the service is done, they may advise you to leave your home for 2-4 hours. This may vary depending on the type of service and may potentially be extended up to a maximum of 24 hours.

What kills wood borer?

If you believe your wood is infested with woodworms or wood-boring beetles, the most efficient approach to eliminate the active bugs is to treat the wood with a borate treatment.

Do wood borers proliferate?

The small, circular exit holes formed by emerging adult beetles are sometimes the sole indication of an infestation. When the winged adults emerge, they move to other wood surfaces, where they lay eggs on unfinished surfaces, fissures, and other holes.

After spraying the pesticide, how long should you wait?

Wait at least 3 hours before entering your home to enable the pesticide to dry and reduce your exposure.

Do wood borers bite people?

Powderpost beetles have the potential to bite, although they seldom, if ever, do so since they spend the majority of their time within the wood.

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